2012 New Lawyers Reception

The Salt Lake County Bar Association hosted its annual New Lawyers and Judges Reception on October 25, 2012 at the Alta Club in downtown Salt Lake. The event has become one of SLCBA’s most popular events, and with good reason, as there is not a better opportunity all year to get to know one another outside of the confines of law firms and courtrooms. This year, more than 200 new lawyers, experienced lawyers, and judges gathered to eat, drink, and socialize in one of the legal world’s few informal and relaxed settings. Chief Justice Durrant took the opportunity this year to remind the new lawyers of the valuable asset they possessed in their blank slate reputation, and of the need to protect that value from the discoloration that all too often results from the rough business of law. It would be hard to find a more valuable way for any attorney, new or experienced, to spend a few hours on a Wednesday evening.

Photos from this event are posted to our Facebook page here.

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