June CLE

The Salt Lake County Bar Association Presents:

APPEALAPALOOZA!  NINE Current Appellate Court Justices And Judges To Discuss Appellate Practice-Related Topics:

Utah Supreme Court Chief Justice Matthew B. Durrant, Justice Christine M. Durham, and Justice Thomas R. Lee

Utah Court of Appeals Presiding Judge J. Frederic Voros, Associate Presiding Judge Gregory K. Orme, and Judges Michele M. Christiansen, John A. Pearce, and Stephen L. Roth

U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Carolyn B. McHugh

Lunch and 1 hour CLE CREDIT (pending)

When:  Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 12:00 p.m.

Where:  Wasatch Retreat and Conference Center located within The Episcopal Church Center of Utah, 75 South 200 East, Salt Lake City (free parking in the Diocese Parking Lot)

Cost:  $25 for Salt Lake County Bar Members, and $30 for all others. Payment to Salt Lake County Bar Association in advance or at the door.

RSVP:  Please RSVP by e-mail, fax, or telephone by Monday, June 9, 2012, to:

Barbara Noble

(801) 799-5893 (telephone)

(801) 799-5700 (fax)


222 S. Main, Suite 2200

Silent Auction

This year’s silent auction benefit partner for the Spring Dinner/Dance is the Salt Lake Area Family Justice Center at the YWCA Utah.

The Salt Lake Area Family Justice Center at the YWCA serves victims of domestic violence by providing access to many different critical resources under a single roof to provide better coordinated, seamless services for male and female victims and survivors. The Center brings together specialized services in one location where victims can report domestic violence related crimes to the police, obtain assistance with protective orders, speak to a victim advocate, contact a prosecuting attorney to learn about the criminal process or discuss a pending criminal case, find shelter, housing and support groups, and obtain employment and job training.

Services are available to victims and their families on a walk-in basis, regardless of the need for shelter. Each person receives personalized advocacy including bilingual and translation services.

Please help us keep this life-saving service possible by participating in the silent auction! Here are some of the items that will be up for bid:

Item 1: Join the Adventure at Fantasy Con

Includes: 4 tickets to Fantasy Con

Date: Friday, July 4th, 2014

Opens from 10am-8 pm

Location: Salt Palace Convention Center

Children 10 & under FREE

Start Bid: $60

(Value: $120)

Explore the world of fantasy before the fireworks! Fantasy Con is the first convention of its kind to open the world of fantasy to all and create an interactive, immersive experience that celebrates pop fantasy and the Medieval Renaissance culture and fantasy genres in games, films, artwork, and literary works.

Fun for the entire family and children of all ages! With over 200 exhibitor booths to provide you with an arena, museum, archery range, children’s area, and more, there’s something for everyone! Bring your entire family and come visit with fantasy celebrities, dress up for cosplay and live-action roleplaying, wield swords, shoot bows, enjoy shows, explore masterworks of art, eat delicious foods, and be entertained while creating memories that will last a lifetime. For a full list of guest celebrities and events, please visit: www.fantasycon.com.

Item 2: It’s a BRA Party!

A bra/party includes:

1. A bottle of red wine, white wine, and champagne (can be substituted for non-alcoholic beverages)

2. An appetizer of your choice

3. The Bra Bar Boutique all to yourself and your friends

4. Professional staff for your fitting needs

** Limo service can be provided for extra charge**

Start Bid: $250

(Value: $500)

Why have ordinary parties when you can have a BRA PARTY? The Bra Bar Boutique is located on 152 Foothill DR in Foothill village. Did you know 85% of women don’t choose the right bra to wear? That’s a huge problem and can be quite the pain in the back! Are you making these all too common mistakes: wearing bras that are too tight, or too small, or even the wrong type? From young fashionistas to stylish mothers and grandmothers –  avoiding the wrong bra and getting fitted for the right bra makes all the difference in feeling confident and beautiful. Like many women, you’ll know once you’re in it, that it’s right and perfect for you.

So what are YOU waiting for? Make your next party a bra party. Bring your friends and get fitted for the perfect bra while enjoying a glass of wine and appetizers. For more information about the BraBar|Boutique, please visit: http://www.estilolingerie.com/.

Item # 3: Mary Poppins at Hale Centre Theatre

Includes: 4 vouchers to Hale Centre Theatre’s production of Mary Poppins

Each voucher allows you TWO seats at the show

On Mon-Thurs evenings or any matinee performance before

Sunday, July 20th 2014

Includes: $25 gift card to Olive Garden

Start Bid: $120

(Value: $241)

Don’t have tickets for the show? Well you’re in luck! Here’s a chance for you to get 8 tickets to the nearly sold out Mary Poppins show at Hale Centre theatre located on 3333 South Decker Lake Drive in West Valley City. Treat the family out to a nice, quiet evening of theatre and then stop by the Olive Garden for an appetizer or dessert. Redemption instructions will be on the back of the voucher. For dates of upcoming performances, please visit: https://www.hct.org/online/.

Item # 4: Original Design for Mural by Ruby Chacon

Details: 52”x28” original pencil on paper sketch for the design for senior center mural

By lead artist Ruby Chacon and apprentices: Brittney Flores, Veronica Perez, Jose Carrasco, Norma Nunez, Lluviany Ceballos, Greg Esparza, Brandon Harriso, and Tyrone Harrison

To view more works by Ruby Chacon, please visit: http://rubychacon.com/

Start Bid: $200

(Value: $850)

Item # 5: Wagon of Wine

Includes: Various selections of white and red wine donated by the YWCA Board of Directors and Community Friends… AND the wagon it comes in!

Start Bid: TBD

Can’t get away to wine country? Let us bring it to you! Why have just one glass of wine when you can have a wagon?… of wine that is! Enjoy several varieties of wine and the sheer joy and pleasure you will surely experience when “shocked” looks are thrown your way by jealous colleagues as you are towing your wine away in a spiffy new wagon.

Item # 6: Squatters Gift Basket

Includes: $50 Gift Card to Squatters Pubs & Beers

64 oz. Growler with engraved Squatters Logo

Engraved Squatters Logo Beer Stein

Squatters Poster, Squatters T-Shirt

Start Bid: $40

(Value: $95)

Need to unwind and get away “where everybody knows your name?…” Gather with friends, raise a mug…why have just one when you can have the whole package? Treat your friends or go solo. Either way, this package is sure to offer a unique evening out and memorable (or not so much) night!

2014 Spring Dinner Dance

 The Salt Lake County Bar Association

Cordially Invites You to Attend its Annual

Spring Dinner Dance & Election of Officers

May 30, 2014

The Country Club

2400 East Country Club Drive Salt Lake City, Utah

RSVP by May 23 to Cherie Huston: chuston@parsonsbehle.com; (801) 536-6945

$75 per person for SLCBA members and guests

$85 per person for non-SLCBA members and guests

Limited Seating

Cocktails at 6:00 PM

Dinner at 7:30 PM

Dancing to Follow (Music by The Number Ones)

Cocktail Party Attire

Silent Auction to Benefit the Salt Lake Area Family Justice Center at the YWCA

April CLE

The Salt Lake County Bar Association Presents:

Same-Sex Marriage in Utah: Legal Strategies and Likely Outcomes

A Live-Radio Panel Discussion with Bill Duncan and Cliff Rosky, Moderated by Doug Fabrizio

Bill Duncan is the director of the Marriage Law Foundation, a legal organization whose mission is providing legal resources in defense of marriage as the union of a husband and wife.

Cliff Rosky is Professor of Law at the University of Utah’s S.J. Quinney College of Law, where he teaches courses on constitutional law, criminal law, and sexuality, gender and law.

Doug Fabrizio is the host and executive producer of RadioWest at KUER.

This CLE will be broadcast live by KUER and will focus on the Tenth Circuit briefing and oral argument in Kitchen v. Herbert. Due to constraints of live radio, questions to be asked during the broadcast should be emailed in advance to eclark@kuer.org.  The broadcast will go from 11:00 to noon, and lunch will be served at noon with an unrestricted question and answer session thereafter.

Lunch and 2 hours CLE CREDIT (pending)

When:  Friday, April 18, 2014 at 10:45 a.m.

Where:  Wasatch Retreat and Conference Center located within The Episcopal Church Center of Utah, 75 South 200 East, Salt Lake City (free parking in the Diocese Parking Lot)

Cost:  $20 for Salt Lake County Bar Members, and $25 for all others. Payment to Salt Lake County Bar Association in advance or at the door.

RSVP:  Please RSVP by e-mail, fax, or telephone by Wednesday,  April 16, 2014, to:

Barbara Noble

(801) 799-5893 (telephone)

(801) 799-5700 (fax)


222 S. Main, Suite 2200

Spring 2014 President’s Message – Anneliese Booher

2013-2014 SLCBA President  - Anneliese Booher

2013-2014 SLCBA President – Anneliese Booher

Serving as President of the Salt Lake County Bar Association over the past year has been an incredibly rewarding experience.  But at times it can also be a daunting one, especially when the time comes to send out a President’s message with some wisdom or perspective that might be useful to others.  With Mother’s Day approaching, I have decided that the best wisdom and perspective to share is the most important wisdom and perspective that was shared with me—the advice my mother often repeated as she raised me and my eight siblings.

  1. “Put on some lipstick and eat a piece of chocolate.” My sisters and I would hear this whenever we were nervous about doing something outside of our comfort zone, whether it was a public speech, a dance competition, or a nerve-racking social event.  Life as an attorney continually presents uneasy situations—meetings with clients, practicing in new areas, dealing with difficult counsel, and drafting a President’s message.  My mother’s point was not to forego preparation, but rather that once we have prepared as much as we can, we need to relax, get some endorphins going, and put our best foot forward.  With my lipstick in place, and chocolate devoured, I will now continue with her advice.
  2. “Think of it as ‘an experience’.” This is what my mother would say when someone in our family faced a disappointing situation, like when the family car broke down during a road trip, a school election was lost, or a date went horribly awry.  Having a long-term perspective when we endure professional failures and losses can be difficult, but those failures can also teach us how to do better (or at least give us entertaining stories).  Few motions or cases constitute our one shot at a gold medal at the law Olympics. Perhaps that’s why we call it the “practice” of law.
  3. “Remember who you are.” It’s easy to let the moment overshadow who you are and what you value.  We have all said of ourselves or another attorney, “that’s just not who she is; she was acting out of character.”  Being a lawyer presents numerous opportunities to depart from who we really are. This is not surprising because lawyers are asked to play roles, not entirely unlike actors on a stage. But we are not actors, and these are our lives.  It is worth asking ourselves from time to time whether how we practice law really reflects who we are.
  4. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” This is advice we have all heard, but its importance should not be lost in its prevalence. It is worth remembering how being nice to opposing counsel and professional in our dealings can sometimes make litigation more pleasant and bolster your credibility.

Fortunately for me, it’s easy to say nice things about those who served on the SLCBA Executive Committee this year.  Our CLE Subcommittee—comprised of Chris Hogle, Judge Michele Christiansen, Kristine Larsen, and Clem Landau—planned well-attended events on timely issues such as gene patents, trial practice tips from current judges, and same-sex marriage.  The Socials Subcommittee—Jonathan Pappasideris, Mark Kittrell, and Sam Meziani—staged an attendance record-breaking New Lawyers and Judges Reception at the Alta Club last fall, a sold-out Holiday Party last winter.  They have planned what will surely be a memorable Spring Dinner and Election of Officers for May 30th at the Country Club.  The Bar & Bench Subcommittee, led by Judge Julie Lund with help from Chandler Thompson, Trystan Smith, Tsutomu Johnson, and Kate Conyers, have revitalized this publication’s layout and produced excellent articles.

Our Art and the Law Subcommittee, Jennifer Mastrorocco and Jack Nelson, ably organized our annual Law Day-centered art competition for area elementary and middle school students, garnering nearly 100 submissions.  Aida Neimarlija and Lauren Shurman continue to do a fantastic job on our Membership, Public Relations and Social Media Subcommittee, keeping our Facebook, Twitter, and web presence up to date.  This year, the SLCBA focused on its history, records, and internal organization.  Rita Cornish went above and beyond as a one-woman Records and History Subcommittee, providing invaluable help evaluating and organizing numerous records and updating our corporate documents.  The efforts of these Subcommittee members, together with the advice and help of past-President Judge Robert Shelby, Vice-President Amy Sorenson, Secretary Shane Hillman, and Treasurer Bart Johnsen have made this year one for the books.

Trial Practice CLE


Nine of Utah’s District Court Judges discuss trial practice-related topics. Featuring Judge Robert W. Adkins, Judges James T. Blanch, Judge Su J. Chon, Judge L.A. Dever, Presiding Judge Royal Hansen, Judge Elizabeth A. Hruby-Mills, Judge Paul B. Parker, Judge Todd M. Shaughnessy, and Judge Kate A. Toomey.

Lunch and 1 hr CLE credit (pending)

When: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 12:00 pm

Where: Wasatch Retreat and Conference Center, located within the Episcopal Church Center of Utah, 75 S. 200 E., SLC
(Free parking in the Diocese parking lot)

Cost: $20 for SLCBA members, $25 for all others.
Payment to Salt Lake County Bar Association
in advance or at the door

RSVP: Please RSVP by email, fax, or phone by Monday, 2/17/14 to:
Barbara Noble
(801) 799-5893 (telephone)
(801) 799-5700 (fax)
222 S. Main, Suite 2200

2013 Holiday Party

The SLCBA cordially invites you to attend its annual Holiday Dinner Dance.

When:  Friday, December 6, 2013.  Cocktails at 6:30, Dinner at 7:30, Dancing to follow with live music by The Number Ones

Where:  The Salt Lake Country Club, 2400 East Country Club Dr. SLC

Cost:  $75/person for SLCBA members and their guests; $85/person for non-SLCBA members

RSVP:  Email Nicalee Nelson at nnelson@vancott.com or call 801-237-0227 by November 26, 2013

Limited seating

Black tie invited

New Lawyers & Judges Reception – October 24 at 5:30pm at Alta Club

The Salt Lake County Bar Association
Cordially Invites You to Its

New Lawyers & Judges Reception

Thursday, October 24, 2013, 5:30 to 8:00

to Welcome the New Admittees to the Bar

Location: The Alta Club

100 East South Temple
(Parking Available Northeast of the Alta Club)

No Cost to Attend. Hors d’oeuvres and Drinks

RSVP to Nicalee Nelson at nnelson@vancott.com
or (801) 237-0227 by October 18.

Winter 2013 President’s Message – Anneliese Booher


2013-2014 SLCBA President – Anneliese Booher

“It takes an endless amount of history to make even a little tradition.” ”  Henry James.

I am excited and humbled to lead the Salt Lake County Bar Association this year.  When I wonder how I got here, I think back to the first Salt Lake County Bar event that I attended.  It was the Spring Dinner in 2002, and I was a brand-new lawyer.  It made an impression on me, and not just because it was the best meal I’d had in some time.  What impressed me as a freshly-minted and very nervous litigator was the opportunity it afforded me to rub elbows with the best attorneys in our community.  I watched as those attorneys—undoubtedly fierce competitors at times—laughed, ate, and reminisced with each other.  For many, this event was clearly an annual tradition.  At night’s end, I understood one of the central values of this organization—bringing together competitors and colleagues to make friends and mentors.

These values are embodied in the members, including those serving on our Executive Committee.  Because of their hard work, our organization is in great shape.  This year, we hope to continue the successes seen under leadership of recent Presidents, Judge Robert Shelby, Laura Scott, and Trina Higgins.  Our social events have been filled to capacity.  Our CLE’s provide lively conversation and critical guidance, and we now offer a free annual CLE targeted to newer lawyers.  Our Bar & Bench continues to report on the happenings in our community, and our facebook page, LinkedIn group, and website offer fresh information on our events.

In addition to looking forward, this year we reflect on our history.  Understanding our past honors those who worked to create our now well-loved traditions and renews our own mission. To that end, this year, the Committee will be collecting and compiling stories, photographs, and newsletters from our past.  We will be posting those and providing them on our website (www.slcba.net) and using them at our events.  Rita Cornish will help to coordinate this endeavor, with the help of Aida Neimarlija and Lauren Shurman, who tirelessly head our Membership, Public Relations and Social Media subcommittee.  If you have photographs or stories about the Salt Lake County Bar Association, please pass those on to Rita or me.

As we have begun this history project, Craig Adamson lent me a copy of the minutes of the first meeting of the Salt Lake County Bar Association.  That meeting took place on January 23, 1930. Twenty-seven attorneys signed the meeting roster.  Their names included Willis Ritter, E.R. Christensen, Ed Hatch, and Brigham Clegg.  Eighty-three years later, we count nearly 2000 members, and still boast among them the best our legal community has to offer.

This year, Judge Julie Lund continues to lead our Bar & Bench, along with Trystan Smith, Chandler Thompson, Tsutomu Johnson, and new member Kate Conyers.  Chris Hogle once again chairs our CLE subcommittee, with valuable help from Judge Michele Christiansen, Clemens Landau, and Kristine Larsen.

Ever the well-oiled machine, our Socials Committee is led by Jonathan Pappasideris, supported by Sam Meziani and Mark Kittrell.  Mark your calendars for December 6, 2013, which is the date of our annual Holiday Party at the Salt Lake Country Club.

Jennifer Mastrorocco continues to ably lead our Art and the Law subcommittee, and is joined this year by new Committee member, Jack Nelson.  Each year, we look forward to seeing the art submitted by area schoolchildren who participate in this competition, done in conjunction with Law Day.  Take a look at some of the past winners’ art on display in the Matheson Courthouse.  We expect our wonderful volunteer judges from the Third District Court to see some great entries on this year’s theme, “American Democracy and the Rule of Law: Why Every Vote Matters.”

Under Lauren Shurman and Aida Neimarlija’s leadership, the Membership, Public Relations and Social Media subcommittee continues to guide us through evolving membership and social media issues.  They provide updated information and photographs on Facebook, networking benefits on LinkedIn, and offer on our website past the Bar & Bench articles, our CLE and social calendar, and other helpful information.  The Salt Lake County Bar is even on Twitter!  As we focus this year on our history, Aida and Lauren have already begun to provide this information on our website under the “SLCBA History” tab.  Watch for this part of our website to grow and improve this year.

This year, Amy Sorenson is serving as our Vice President, Shane Hillman is our Secretary, and Bart Johnsen is our Treasurer.  Judge Robert Shelby remains on the committee as our Past-President. We look forward to seeing you at our events!